ez solutions

Don't break the bank

Great ideas should not cost you an arm and a leg. In this age of connectivity our eyes are flooded with all sorts of life improvements and it seems each one has a creatively new way of making us go broke.

At EZOverland we decided to turn the page and head in a new direction. We're focused on how we can make a top-quality product while keeping the price competitive enough for the average person. After all, the more EZSolutions we can get into your hands the more time we can spend doing what we love!

Nestled just outside the great Canadian Rockies we have an abundance of rigorous weather. Besides a slow drive to work we have the added benefit of testing our products in all types of extreme weather events! This allows you to take comfort in knowing that regardless of how the weather turns out on your adventure, your EZOverland products will outlast whatever you throw at it.

We promise that no polar bears were harmed in the testing of our products!

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