EZOverland In a Nutshell

Stay awhile and listen

At EZOverland we love helping our ever growing family by making your vehicle based adventures more user friendly. We are focused on developing products to put you in control of your space. We all love that feeling to break free of the grind and enjoy the serenity that travel and the vast outdoors brings. What we don't enjoy is using up that precious time by having to set things up and tear them back down as we move along through our travels. As the EZOverland product line expands, you'll find more smart products that help you recover your free time and make clever use of your available space.

EZOverland started off with passion of the outdoors and a lifelong career in metal working. As we pushed further outdoors and experienced more and more unique products first hand; we found there to be a lack of quality products at an affordable price. There is no denying that quality costs money, what it should be is a blatant inflation of a cost to present the appearance that a higher price equals better quality.

All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. We intend to keep it this way and prove that Canadian products are here to stay! Eh!